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Culinary De-Lite Personal Chef Service has relocated to Fort Myers, FL.  At Culinary De-Lite our Chefs are Culinary Art Graduates with years of experience and have the knowledge to cook a wide variety of foods. Our Tampa Bay clients felt like they had their own little restaurant in their home. All menus are customized to each clients needs, this is based on tastes, food allergies, dietary restrictions, and convenience.

A Personal Chef is very similar to a Private Chef, by the fact that we do your free menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking for you in your home, the difference between a Personal Chef and a Private Chef is that a Personal Chef owns their own business and has several clients; this makes us affordable.

We try to keep our price right around what the restaurants in Ft. Myers are charging, but with us There is No:

  • Waiting for a table
  • Settling on what’s on the menu
  • Competing with everyone else in the restaurant for the waitress’s attention.

When you use Culinary De-Lite Personal Chef Services you eat in the comfort of your home and you eat the food that you picked.


How does having a Personal Chef work? First we set up a free consultation, this helps us determine what you are looking for and how we can best serve you. As your Personal Chef we would arrange a schedule that works just for you. We offer a wide variety of menu options and we have listed a few entrees to give you an idea of what you have to choose from. Remember your menus are tailored to you. After your initial consultation we will assemble a menu based on your input and then we submit it for your approval.



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