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I was raised in a large traditional Southern Family. Every spring we would plant about an acre garden and all summer into winter we would eat from it. We very rarely ate anything that was prepackaged or processed.  I was the oldest daughter whose chores fell into the kitchen; I remember dragging the step stool in to reach the counter, it was there that I fell in love with cooking..
I thought I would chose nutrition as a career and even did an internship at a hospital, but I took a seasonal job on a ranch as a cook and I knew that cooking was my true Passion. I started researching Culinary Schools and I finally settled on Western Culinary in Portland Oregon. There I was given the opportunity to hone my skills and deepen my love for food. While going to school I worked full time at the Hilton Hotel and rotated through their restaurants. Upon graduation I was accepted as an intern with London Catering.
I quickly went from intern to Catering Manager, learning the ins and outs of an exciting business. Since those early days I have worked as a cafe manager in San Francisco, a Chef on Dinner Trains and boats, a volunteer chef for a boy’s home, and now as a Personal Chef teaching classes on healthy menu planning and eating.

For me being a Chef is not a job or even a career, it is who I am. I dream of food and think about it almost all day. After my family, it is my greatest love, my true passion and I am blessed to get to share that with people.



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