Chocolate! Did You Know …

A few things you might not know about chocolate …

Cocoa beans were once used as currency by the people of Mexico and Central America.

Chocolate grows on trees. The cacao tree’s tiny delicate pink or white flowers bloom and produce fruit all year round in the wild. Only around five per cent of the flowers develop into fruit about five months after pollination.

Each cacao tree yields 20-30 fruits or pods per year. These big pods hang directly from a branch or a tree trunk. The seeds within the pods, following a process of fermentation and drying, become cocoa beans – ready for the process of chocolate making.

Think you know everything about wine? It’s also possible to be a chocolate connoisseur. Similar to the grapes used to make wine, cocoa beans also vary in aroma, flavor, appearance and even nutrients based on the region where they are grown. So you can know your drops – and your blocks.

It is said that the French military and political leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, insisted on having chocolate and wine from Burgundy available during military campaigns.

Chocolate contains more than 400 distinct flavor compounds – more than twice as many as any other food.


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