Client Review

I noticed my husband and I were eating out at least three times a week. I knew that by eating out that we were eating larger portions and more calories. I had seen the
Culinary De-Lite website and wandered if we could afford the service. So I pulled out my last three months bank statements to see how much we were actually spending on food every month.

In on week we averaged:
$89.00 dining out
$200.oo groceries
That’s $289.00 a week for food, which is $1156 in a month. We were stunned, we had no idea that we were spending that much. So I made an appointment with Culinary De-Lite. Chef Kellie came to our house and gave us a run down on what a Personal Chef Service was. She then put together a meal plan for us. Now we are spending half on food in a month. Plus I know we are eating healthier, because we get a nutritional breakdown. To top it off she cleans my kitchen cleaner than I do.
Thanks Culinary De-Lite

Shelby T.
Clearwater, Fl


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