Chef Knives, Part 1

Anyone who knows me knows of my love for my knives. All through Culinary School my knives where an extension of my arm. My knife bag replaced my purse and my Christmas wishes soon turned into forged stainless steel or a three sided wet stone.
I am often invited to friends and relatives to cook and I am immediately kicking myself for not bringing my knives. I cringe as I carve a perfectly roasted Duck or roasted chicken, as I hack at it with a serrated Ginsu knife. Rare standing rib roast looks like shredded beef after several attempts of carving it with a knife no sharper than my butter knives, I have often thought I might have been better off grabbing their steak knife.
Needless to say I am the first to recommend the perfect knife for friends, family and any stranger willing to listen to me spout poetic about my love.
So what type of knife do I recommend to these confused souls?chef knife, eggplant, cutting board
First, I try to educate them about knives in general. I always recommend a Chef’s Knife, if picked properly it will replace several of your kitchen gadgets. A good Chef Knife will run you over a $100, but it should last you forever.
A Chef’s Knife in general is 8-12 inches in length and should be forged with a full tang. What am I talking about? The tang is the metal of the blade running from tip all the way through the handle, this gives the knife proper balance and strength. If it is not full tang, don’t even think about it.
I don’t recommend the traditional wooden handles, they look great, but harbor bacteria, go for a composite plastic, they are also great for gripping.
I also prefer a knife with a nice heel, no I am not talking shoes. The heel is the curved wide part by the handle, this is great for gripping & controlling the knife and it is perfect for rocking the blade.

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