Chef Knives Part 2

People often want to know do I prefer German, American, French, or Japanese Knives.  Well, I went to a French Cordon Bleu school and my first set of knives provided with my books were German, I still own those Babies. All of my knives since purchased have been German. I have held, looked at, read about, and drooled over other brands, but I am very fond of my German Knives.
The German knife is typically:flsh-303

  • forged
  • full tanged
  • very comfortable handles
  • easy to maintain the sharpness
  • very strong
  • stainless steel
  • well balanced

They are  heavier then Japanese knives, now for a lot of people that is not a plus, but I love a heavy well balanced German Blade.

Why?  I am not a big male chef with meaty wrists, I am small framed female with small wrists, a heavy knife helps me put some cutting force into my cuts.
If you are going to purchase a Chef Knife let it rock back in forth in your grip and get a good feel for the balance and weight. My favorite German Knives are Wusthof and Henckel. Thanks Honey, for my favorite Henckel.


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