Blu Figs Restaurant Review

Over the Christmas Holiday I went to one of my favorite websites Tampa Bay Half Off.

I bought a $50 gift card for like $12 for a new restaurant called the Blu Figs in North Tampa.

I then went to there website blufig

I was not impressed with the website, I am not fond of flashy, but the menu looked great. I took my husband there and I fell in love with the place, don’t worry the restaurant is nothing like the website. The Blu Figs (French, Italian, Greek, Spanish) was very Mediterrean and romantic, our waiter was well trained, and the menu was perfectly simple. (most of you know I like a simple menu)  Here is what we ordered:


Bearboat Pinot Noir
Vin Plat
Calabrese, Bresaola, Sopressata, Brillat Savarin, Idiazabal, Point Reyes, Roasted Red Peppers,
Candied Pecans, Sun Dried Figs, Olive Provence

Strawberry & Avocado Salad
buttered lettuces, walnuts & champange vinaigrette
Tree Shade Mushroom Soup
velvety blend of mushrooms with a cheese crouton
Chicken a la Grecque
chicken breast& moussaka potatoes
Honey Lavender Duck Confit
slow braised and hand pulled served with herbed cous cous
Brulee a la Liza
creme brulee & fresh berries
Greek phyllo pastry stuffed with ground nuts and spices


The waiter suggested the Bearboat Pinot Noir  which was a very smooth wine with a hint of spice, next was the Vin Plat which is a sampler of creamy sharp cheeses, salty cured meats, olives, and one of my favorites candied pecans. This was a great prelude to what was to come. My husband ordered their Strawberry & Avocado Salad, which was lightly dressed and of course I went for a soup. It was not an easy decision all of the soups sounded yummy, I eventually settled for the Tree Shade Mushroom Soup, it was velvety and earthy at the same time. I also ordered the Duck Confit for dinner, which is why I picked the restaurant, I love Duck Confit and it is one of those dishes I never get around to making. Needless to say I was not disappointed in fact I think I moaned as I savored every bite.   We ended the meal with two desserts and I don’t think they measured up to the rest of the meal, of course I am not much of a dessert person.

Now most of you are probably wandering how I managed to eat all of that food and still walk out the place on my on two feet. The Blu Figs serves what they call Petits Plats  which in my translation is proper portion sizes so you have plenty of room to try several of their amazing creations.

I can’t wait to go back. Be sure to check out their website they run several specials and they have live music during the week.


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