How to eat healthy while dinning out

If you are eating out at a friend’s or a restaurant it can be easy to over eat and make poor choices. Here are some helpful tips to make eating healthy easier.

1 Don’t skip meals that day in anticipation of dining out.

2 Eat at restaurant with lots of options, ask the waiter for healthy options. Have all sauces and dressings put on the side

3 Ask for a box to be brought out with your food, they always serve large portions. As soon as you food is placed in front of you divide the portion in half and place one half in your to go container, now you have lunch for the next day.

4 Don’t go to “all you can eat” or buffets, you will over eat.

5 Order unsweetened tea or water so you don’t have wasted calories in a beverage

6 Tell them not to give you bread or chips why you wait for your food.

7. At parties do not stand near the food, you will unconsciously eat more food.

8 Avoid the high fat condiments, instead eat the salsa.

9 Consume alcohols in moderation there are a lot of hidden calories there.

10 Concentrate on the conversation instead of the food.


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