Wine Labels

About 10 years ago when I first started studying wine my Husband and I decided to have some friends over for a wine tasting. We all met at a wine store to purchase the wines. Every guest was to pick out one red and one white of their choice. This was just as fun as drinking it later. We were all trying to pick what we would be the best wine, but the majority of the group knew nothing about wines or wine labels. In fact most of the wines were picked by how pretty or original the label was.

Labels can be just as complex as the wines.  Wine labels are dictated by the government this helps with deportation and point of sale of wine.

The USDA has five minimum requirements; brand identification, class or type, location where bottled, alcohol content, net volume.

Very few labels actually tell what the wine will taste like. The description on the back label is not governed, but are words used to market the wine.

So picking a bottle is a lot like pairing a wine, it takes no great skill only an appreciation.


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