Wine Tasting

Tip 1: Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting can seem a bit daunting, but it was designed to help people enjoy the wine. Wine tasting is all about using all of your senses which is described as the five S’s.

See notice the wines color against light. The color can give you a prequel to the flavor. Also notice the leg, tilt the glass a little to the side and let the wine slid back down this shows the rate of evaporation of alcohol.

Swirl swirling puts air into the wine which increases the flavor.

Sniff after swirling the wine sniff it and try to associate the smells. Your sense of smell is usually stronger than your sense of taste. In fact half of what you think you taste is what you smell.

Swish take your first small sip and breathe in some air as you swish it around your tongue. You will notice different flavors as the wine rolls across your tongue. You can also feel the texture of the wine.

Swallow after swallowing relax and enjoy the finish of the wine. You will notice a certain crispness lingering on the back of the tongue.

4 tips on wine basics, to learn more contact for a wine pairing and wine class.


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