Wine Types

Types of Wines

There are five types of wine, it is useful to know a little about all of them

Red wines the type of grape and the time it is aged will determine its flavor and color. Red wine is made by leaving the crushed grape skin in with the juices; this is an important step because the color is leached from the skin. They can also be aged longer so they have a strong robust flavor.

White wines are usually made from pale green or golden grapes. They are more delicate with a lighter taste. They will not hold as long and are best served chilled.

Blush Wines this wine is made with red wine grapes, but the skin is removed so there is only brief contact. These are light wines best served chilled.

Sparkling wines are put through a second fermentation adding sugar and yeast to create carbon dioxide. This wine is usually made with the green grape.

Dessert wines are wines were more sugar is added to aid the yeast in higher alcohol content. Dessert wines are sweeter and are usually served after a meal has been consumed.


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